Read, Write, Walk-a-thon: Throop Olympics!

Read, Write, Walk-a-thon: Throop Olympics!
Posted on 09/14/2016

The Race is On, and Throop Students will be going for Gold!  Throop Olympics is the theme for our annual Read-Write-Walkathon PTO fundraiser.  We are excited for the Olympics coming to Throop on Friday, September 30!  

This fundraiser will run from: Wed., Sept. 14 to Wed., Sept. 28.  
*Donations will gladly be accepted after Sept. 28, but the final results for the RWW will be based on donations received by the end of the school day Sept. 28.

 - Students raising the most money per class will compete in the Throop Olympic events, representing a country their class chooses.
 - Students who raise at least $10 will be awarded a gold medal.
Coin wars will take place at school beginning Mon., Sept.19.
 - Students will have a chance to vote on the Throop Staff Member they would like to see participate in the final event of the games, Human  Hungry Hippo, by bringing in and depositing coins in the jars of their preferred and willing staff member(s).

Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Throop Elementary School.

PTO supports Throop field trips and class projects.  We are challenging Throop students to go out and ask 10 supporters--friends, neighbors, and family--to donate a $1 or more:  10 people could equal to $10 or more!  This fundraiser takes the place of catalog fundraisers.  Students, please be sure to have an adult accompany you and always be Responsible, Respectful, and Safe.  Please remember to say thank you!