School Closure Resources

We will be adding resources for you to use with your children while you are away from school. Many of these resources we use while they are in school and should be familiar with them. 

If you need assistance with any work please contact your child's teacher with the information that they provided.

Baby Shark

Baby Shark Video

This is a social story to use to explain the Coronavirus and school closures to children.

From the Office of the Principal: 

Please check out this comprehensive list of educational resources available to students in light of the numerous school closings across the country: 
While these are wonderful resources, I would encourage all of you to unplug and have meaningful conversations with your children.  Your children are amazing and have so much to share!  Create a routine and structure during this time.  We begin every morning at 8:20 with the Pledge of Allegiance and Throop Pledge followed by a Moment of Quiet Reflection.  I finish by posing a question to them every morning asking them how they are going to be a _______________ Throop Citizen (Kind, Responsible, Respectful, Helpful, Successful, etc).   
Remember that my office is open during the school closing.  Please do not hesitate to call me at 812-723-3537 or email at  
Stay Healthy!